Zallkar is a food production and support service company, specialized in the areas of :
  Food Production
Our one area of business

We have a good collection of items from classical to contemporary like
food warmers,plates, glass, cutlery and crockery, tables and chairs,
which accessible at any time.
  The style of our furniture says a lot about what ‘ZALLKAR’ owns.
  We have an A/C hall called 'The Conclave' which has a seating capacity of 100.
  We keep a particular standard regarding our hiring items.
  Launching to the different traditional set-up we give these items to hotels,
restaurants, catering parties and other related firms on reasonable rent.
  It is a special and unique offering.

An offering that is sure to make any occasion a celebration.

We arrange stages for different functions.
A wide variety of fresh flowers are used for the stage decoration
  We also deal decorations in Car, Church, Arch in any style, Floor decoration using
  We can quickly set-up & remove pandals without any damage in the floor.
  We arrange amazing waterproof pandals.
  Materials like silpolin(padutha) are used for arranging the podium.
  Fans, carpet, flowers etc are included in eye capturing décor.
  Our charming arrangements dumb-founds the hearts of North, South, East, and West – alike.
  Zallkar decorations always present a story of elegance and sophistication.
  Our accent is on luxury with a collection of charming flowers and glitters.
  Our work assists you to personalise configuration, comfort, colour and even a style
unique to you and your decorum.
  Food Production
  Adherence to cleanliness.
Highly experienced and reliable staff.
Ready to eat items at your disposal.
Mouth-watering delicious dishes.
A perfect combination of ethnic Indian taste and lasting

Prestigious and hygeinic dealings.
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