About Us

Zallkar group was established in 1972. The day-to-day operations of the unit are looked after by Mr.Babu Joseph and his family members.

Today, In kerala, Zallkar Group is one of the largest privately owned food production companies with well-equipped kitchens and ever cherishable items. We have become the industry leader through our innovative approaches in production and marketing. Zallkar group provides food products to leading hotels and distributors with punctuality.
Our specialties include highly sophisticated Machines, Direct Marketing and Door to door delivery. Our aim is to provide items at competitive prices with due freshness. The company has the technology which allows for the production of quality items where customer-satisfaction is our primary concern.
We have a good transportation facility to satisfy the needs of our customers, so that it is very easy to deliver the products without any delay. We have a team of trained staff to handle these affairs without any failure.
The management has a good relationship with staff members, which is the cornerstone to our success. Every month we have a quality assurance programme. The board members discuss various issues and find solution for each problem and seek ways of updating our menu considering the interests and tastes of our customers during various occasions and seasons.
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